Azure RemoteApp and OneDrive for Business

So I've been working with a customer to deliver remote application presentation capability via Azure RemoteApp as an alternative to Citrix. So far we've had pretty reasonable success presenting traditional line of business fat client applications to users, but the customer also has an upcoming requirement to deliver core productivity capability like the Microsoft Office Suite.

While presenting Office has been a well understood quantity with Azure RemoteApp, today I discovered that OneDrive for Business is not supported.

Let me restate that

  • OneDrive for Business is not supported on Azure RemoteApp.
  • This includes both the OneDrive for Business Groove based client and the OneDrive for Business Next Generation client.

Previously, ODB had been supported in limited configurations on Azure RemoteApp however this guidance has changed as of 16 June 2016.

OneDrive for Business is not supported with Azure RemoteApp.

You can see the old article on support configurations here:

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